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alot, amoeba records, angel hair, ben revely, billows, boys, cemetary movies, chain mail, cirque du soleil, clowns, club papi, cody/tommy, cookie jars, craigslist, david hollander, delovely, dennys, emo, extra zest, faye resnick, flaxen, fountain, fountains make things rides, furniture conventions, girth, jean, jester statues, kate walsh, mammy cookie jars, mary, naughty, not at this mailstop, obituaries, old men, old navy credit cards, owning stock in dennys, pajamas, pendulous breasts, rendering in microsoft paint, sean everett, sexty nachos, silver fiats, solar fountains, teet, the sound of music, the tiki room, trinity, ugly people, virgin mary, vow of chasity, vow of poverty, whispers of acne, zest, zest and more zest, zesty nachos